“We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us.”

Winston Churchill

P2P Residential Ltd is a London based property development and investment firm focused on the residential and commercial sectors of the London and UK markets.  Launched by experienced professionals, our broad collective expertise and strong funding relationships have allowed us to build a varied portfolio of development projects and investment assets.

The “P2P” in our name means Peer to Peer, and our role is to bring People, Property and Profit together with the least risk possible.

We source, structure and deliver superior real estate investments in London or in the rest of the UK.  We know how to turn a property into a deal, by providing our expertise to create more wealth.

“Yes, we have a vision, it’s clear and global. Therefore we work hard to realise it, so it can be yours too.” – Damien Jourquin, CEO

Maximum Value

We acquire properties within London and the rest of the UK, often “below market value”, with a view to add maximum value by using the specialist skills of design, planning and build.

Competitive Cost

Focusing on emerging areas, we spot opportunities by looking beyond the obvious to create desirable homes at a competitive cost base.

Risk Analysis

Prior to embarking on any project, our time is spent analysing the deal from both profitability and risk aspects to build up a strong business case for proceeding.


Building Portfolios

Depending on our clients’ needs we assist with building portfolios with view to rent and produce a regular income, or we sell the assets to realise generous profits.