We buy properties within London and the rest of the UK. They are often below “market rate”, and we purchase with a view to adding the maximum value possible by using our specialist skills in deal structuring, negotiation, design, planning and construction.

Prior to embarking on any project, a vast amount of our time is spent analysing the deal from both profitability, and more importantly, risk aspects. This is in order to build up a strong business case before proceeding.

Our primary focus is on multi-unit schemes rather than one big high end property. We find that this strategy best fits our criteria of maximising profitability while minimising risks. Profitability is maximised because we aim to buy low and build quality homes to sell to the UK family and young professional market, whom are suffering from a lack of housing supply.  Risks are minimised because first-time buyers and families are the largest section of the market to target and hence sales are most easily achievable if priced appropriately.

Our key performance indicator for all projects is the profit on cost (POC), we target a minimum of 25% POC and most of our projects take between 15 and 30 months to complete.

California Hire Tariff 2016 Season


Profit Maximisation Risk Mitigation
  • Add value through planning, change of use and development.
  • Aquire a site that has planning in place.
  • Asset acquired slightly Below Market Value
  • Multi-Units Scheme.
  • Acquired direct from the Vendor.
  • Residential resale values ranging from £575 to
    £650 per square foot.
  • Regeneration area / Crossrail coming up in 2018 / Great Transport Links
  • The residential units will be marketed to the UK mass market.